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Paul's Consolidated is a Conglomerate Company which provides Creative Solutions for day to day requirements.

We Provide Services in

[ Web / Media / Tech / Engineering  / Software]

Why we do it...


We Believe that every customer deserves to get the best . In a place where Creativity & Innovation combines, a Brighter & Better World is Built. 'We Love What we do and that is the Main Reason why we do it.' 

@ Paul's Consolidated we Engineers & Designers give-out our very best to meet your Everyday Requirements.
Join us in Creating a Better Future for All ...

How we Do it...

We work with young - High Spirited Minds who have a Passion for what they do. Only People who have Expertise in the Specific Domain take Up the Work . The Work Transparency within the company & with the customer helps us to Improve the Mutual Comfort Zone. We Have divided Our services Among the following Ventures.

Media Monkeys

Your Destination for Creative Solutions...

{ Web Design & Hosting }

{ Graphic Design} & {Media Printing Solutions}

Image/Audio/Video Editing }

Carmel Copiers

Your Complete Document Center

{ Xerox/Print Scan & Copy }
{Documentation & Internet e Services }



Extreme Engineers

Engineering Reinvented...

{ Wholesale & Retail Sale of Garage Equipment's}

{ Customized Computer Assembly & Sales }

{Furniture - Customized Interiors for Offices}

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There is a Saying that "A Company is As good as its Last Project". 

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